This here’s my blog. My place to compulsively express a thing or two.

This here’s my ode to what I”ve noticed lately: that I am an island too long unbridged. These disclosures are my dingy to you. As I write and you write back and I write back and you write—we build up and, perhaps grow out towards one another a bit.

This here’s my two cents for the ante. I am banking on a super rich pot so get your knuckles greased. You and I can both dip when needing more than what the daily grind has on repeat [for the decade].

This here’s my open palm, triangular and square but rounded too. You, dear reader, who too may feel and think too much, don’t reach and stretch enough. Let your shit hang out with me. Screw the etiquette, the stoicism, the bootstraps, the neatly laid plans. Come get compulsive.


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